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66 x Brazil is a picture book celebration of Brazil. The book presents an overview of the fascinating places in this country full of color and vibrancy selected as both its Rio Grande do Norte and European authors see them.

This mosaic of scenarios includes mountain ranges with fog and sub-zero temperatures, incredible scenery with waterfalls and inspiring beaches along the 7,000 km of the Brazilian coast, areas of the huge Amazon rainforest with its rich flora and fauna, the stunning Pantanal, the largest flooded area on the planet, the savannah with its rich biodiversity, in addition to many historical cities and monuments, small villages and large sprawling cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where inhabitants have created a cultural melting pot of this spectacular planet. It is important to note that 79% of Brazil’s natural and cultural assets included on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites are profiled in this book.

This publication is the result of thirty trips around the country correspondent to 117.000 kilometers, 92.000 of which were traveled by plane, which means 150 hours have been spent in the air, and 25.000 thousand kilometers traveled by car, bus, boats, subways, trains and all means of locomotion necessary for travel in this immense and glorious Brazil. In addition, around a 1.000 kilometers (about 320 hours) of hiking took us on heavy and light trails and we even swam to reach the right spot to photograph the most beautiful sites. All this resulted in approximately 28.000 pictures, from which we selected 431 to integrate in this book as well as to offer a lot of good quality photographs at an affordable price.

Each destination is described in a brief text, which is translated into five languages ( Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and French). We indicated for each target a site, where you can get more information. We hope that the beautiful surroundings we have presented will inspire you to discover the beauties of Brazil and to plan trips that will awe you and enchant you in this land so full of beauty and color!

Format: Book
Author: Erich Ettensperger and Marcia Monteiro de Carvalho
Language: Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French
Area: Geography / Tourism - Brazil
ISBN: 978-85-67171-00-5
Tam: 21.00 cm (width) x 22.0 cm (height) x 1.2 cm (thickness)
Paper: Coated gloss 150g
Printing: 4x4 Color
Price: 19.90 US $  + shipping costs

66 x Brasil

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